My work

I've worked on a wide range of projects, both personal and as part of a team.
I mainly focus on shaders and rendering techniques for personal projects.
All my hobby games were developed alongside my ex-classmates Ricardo Barajas (art), Manuel Rodríguez (programming), and Micah Davis (design and production), while I took charge of VFX, code optimization, and production / project management.

My Tech Stack

In my current role I mostly use C++ and DirectX.
For my hobby projects, I use Unity and C#.
I'm also learning Rust, Swift, Metal and Vulkan.


Remaster of the classic RTS game Rome Total War, developed at Feral Interactive. My work there was mostly:

  • Expansion of the animation system
  • Graphics bug fixing
  • Sandstorm a Blizzard vfx

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Manny The Miner

Endless runner Android game to which I contributed with:

  • Project management / Production
  • Smooth accelerometer input feature
  • Dash ability
  • Particles

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Wabbit Season

Local multiplayer Android game, inspired by the tabletop game Hungry Hungry Hippos, to which I contributed with:

  • Custom decal shader
  • Particles
  • Particle pool + timing wheel system
  • Scene layout

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RayMarching shader

Generic RayMarching Shader

A personal experiment with Ray Marching, meant to be used as the base for future work. The list of features includes:

  • Configurable scene with support to multiple shapes and lights.
  • Ambient Occlusion.
  • 1 step reflections.
  • Image-based ambient light.
  • Triplanar texture mapping

Take a look to the code
RayMarching Mandelbulb shader

Planet Broccoli

A Mandelbulb fractal shader using my generic raymarcher.
The list of features includes:

  • Support for multiple and lights.
  • Ambient Occlusion and coloring based on orbit traps.
  • Depth-based mist.

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RayMarching Cornell Box Refraction shader

Raymarching refraction study

A study on refraction in a Cornell Box, using my generic raymarcher shader.
The main additions include:

  • Faked area light (no real sampling).
  • Glass material that refracts and reflects light.

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Vulkan Toy Engine

Virtual Phoenix Engine [WIP]

A toy engine made with C++ and Vulkan.
Work Stopped for now in favor of a Metal toy engine.
Main current features:

  • Forward rendering.
  • Blinn-Phong lighting model.
  • Importing of fbx and obj files.
  • Multiple materials.
  • Multiple ligths.
  • Mouse-driven scene navigation.
Planned features:
  • Shadows.
  • GUI.
  • PBR shading.
  • Deferred rendering.

Take a look to the code

Street Isolation

A PC game developed for the ESNE's Game JamOn meant to bring attention to the consequences of evading confinement and social distancing measures during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I contributed with:

  • Main Menu scene layout
  • Level desing
  • Part of the enemies' AI

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The Legend Of Lilyth

A PC game developed for the second Brackeys Game Jam, with the theme Love is blind. My job consisted mainly in:

  • Minimap
  • Particles and VFX
  • Lighting and postprocessing

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Clash of Poets

A VR game developed for the spanish Government's Game Jam Cultural with the theme of spanish culture. I worked on:

  • Environment layout
  • Lighting

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You can find more on my GitHub, ShaderToy and profiles.

A little more about me

💬 Multilingual

🇪🇸 🇬🇧 🇮🇹 🇫🇷
I'm a native Spanish speaker, and fluent in English.
I also speak Italian colloquially and a little bit of French.

Diverse professional background 💼

Before my current role as rendering engineer, I've worked as a web developer, a graphics R&D intern and a software engineer on 5G networking.
During my bachelor degree in telecommunications I specialized in image processing, and later coursed a Masters in VR, Video Games and Computer Graphics, where I found my passion for 3D Graphics.

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⚜️ "Be prepared️"

I really enjoy reading, especially philosophy, but also fantasy and historic novels.
I've studied music since a very young age, playing both the trumpet and the guitar.
Having grown up as a boy scout in the mountainous north of Spain, I have developed a great love for nature and exploring.
I also practice strength sports as a former member of a powerlifting club.