No Man's Sky

Cross-platform development of rendering techniques, internal tools, and other features at Hello Games.

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Sid Meier's Railroads! (iOS/Android port)

Porting the game Sid Meier's Railroads! to mobile platforms at Feral Interactive
Optimisating and bug fixing for both iOS and Android.
A big part of the work consisted on diagnosing and finding workarounds for Vulkan driver bugs on different Android devices.

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GRID Legends (Apple Silicon)


Porting the game GRID Legends to Apple Silicon at Feral Interactive
Featured in WWDC22.
Translating D3D12 features into Metal, such as descriptor ranges / bindless textures.
General graphics bug fixing, particularly shaders.

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Total War: Medieval II (iOS port)

Porting the game Total War: Medieval II to mobile platforms at Feral Interactive
Metal graphics development and bug fixing.
Most of my work was focused on texture handling, in particular adjusting the original D3D9 sprite atlas system to work with ASTC compressed textures.

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Alien: Isolation (iOS port) 🥉

Porting the game Alien: Isolation to mobile platforms at Feral Interactive, which was a finalist for the WWDC22 Design Awards in the "Visuals and Graphics" category.

I focused on the iOS and iPadOS port, adapting the existing engine to Apple's Tile-Based GPUs, as well as performing general improvements and bug fixing on the D3D11-to-Metal translation layer.

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Remaster of the classic RTS game Rome Total War, developed at Feral Interactive.

I worked mostly expanding the animation system, fixing bugs on the new LOD and shadow systems and improving some particle VFX like sandstorms and blizzards, as well as performing some general bug fixing and optimisations.

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Manny The Miner

Endless runner Android game to which I contributed with:

  • Project management / Production
  • Smooth accelerometer input feature
  • Dash ability
  • Particles effects

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Wabbit Season

Local multiplayer Android game, inspired by the tabletop game Hungry Hungry Hippos, to which I contributed with:

  • Custom decal shader
  • Particle effects
  • Particle pool + timing wheel system
  • Scene layout

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Metal Toy Engine

Talos 3D Engine [WIP]

A toy engine made with Swift, Metal and a custom linear algebra library.

Current features:

  • Deferred rendering
  • Blinn-Phong lighting model
  • Single-map soft shadows
  • Screen-space cubemap skybox
(Some) Planned features:
  • SSAO
  • Procedural skybox
  • PBR lighting model

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RayMarching shader

Generic RayMarching Shader

A personal experiment with Ray Marching, meant to be used as the base for future work. The list of features includes:

  • Configurable scene with support to multiple shapes and lights.
  • Ambient Occlusion.
  • 1 step reflections.
  • Image-based ambient light.
  • Triplanar texture mapping

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RayMarching Mandelbulb shader

Planet Broccoli

A Mandelbulb fractal shader using my generic raymarcher.
The list of features includes:

  • Support for multiple and lights.
  • Ambient Occlusion and coloring based on orbit traps.
  • Depth-based mist.

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RayMarching Cornell Box Refraction shader

Raymarching refraction study

A study on refraction in a Cornell Box, using my generic raymarcher shader.
The main additions include:

  • Faked area light (no real sampling).
  • Glass material that refracts and reflects light.

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Vulkan Toy Engine

Virtual Phoenix Engine [Abandoned]

A toy engine made with C++ and Vulkan.
Work Stopped for now in favor of a Metal toy engine.
Main current features:

  • Forward rendering.
  • Blinn-Phong lighting model.
  • Importing of fbx and obj files.
  • Multiple materials.
  • Multiple ligths.
  • Mouse-driven scene navigation.

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Street Isolation

A PC game developed for the ESNE's Game JamOn meant to bring attention to the consequences of evading confinement and social distancing measures during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I contributed with:

  • Main Menu scene layout
  • Level desing
  • Part of the enemies' AI

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The Legend Of Lilyth

A PC game developed for the second Brackeys Game Jam, with the theme Love is blind. My job consisted mainly in:

  • Minimap
  • Particles and VFX
  • Lighting and postprocessing

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Clash of Poets

A VR game developed for the spanish Government's Game Jam Cultural with the theme of spanish culture. I worked on:

  • Environment layout
  • Lighting

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You can find more on my GitHub, ShaderToy and profiles.

A little more about me

💬 Multilingual

🇪🇸 🇬🇧 🇮🇹 🇫🇷
I'm a native Spanish speaker, and fluent in English.
I also speak Italian colloquially and a little bit of French.

Diverse professional background 💼

Before my current role as rendering engineer, I've worked as a web developer, a graphics R&D intern and a software engineer on 5G networking.
During my bachelor degree in telecommunications I specialized in image processing, and later coursed a Masters in VR, Video Games and Computer Graphics, where I found my passion for 3D Graphics.

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⚜️ "Be prepared️"

I really enjoy reading, especially philosophy, but also fantasy and historic novels.
I've studied music since a very young age, playing both the trumpet and the guitar.
Having grown up as a boy scout in the mountainous north of Spain, I have developed a great love for nature and exploring.
I also practice strength sports as a former member of a powerlifting club.